Router as APRS Digi

The last couple of days I've been busy getting an APRS Gateway and Digipeater up and running.
Most likely (and easy way) to get this done is install some software on a PC by clicking "next, next.. finish". But I wanted to do it very different.
I took a second hand ASUS WL-500g router and flashed it with the OpenWRT linux software. On top of the new (linux) firmware I installed APRS4R. There is also a complete flash image available but the version of the router I have has only 4 MB flash memory. That's why Ive "upgraded" the hardware with an extra 128 MB Memory Stick.
APRS4R is very easy to use Gateway and Digipeater software and doesn't use much resources. The advantage of using a router instead of a PC is that it's consuming way less electricity.
What I still need is a TNC to connect it to a rig. Up until then it's only connected to the internet.