Visit OE7XWI Clubstation

Last Sunday I met two very nice hams, Markus OE7FMI and Bernhard OE7BKH when I visited the OE7XWI Clubstation.
I went on a short holiday in the Austrian Zillertal and I wanted to do some more despite the mountain-hiking.
OE7XWI is the Zillertal department of the Austrian Amateur Radio Society ÖVSV.
They have a very nice clubhouse near one of the Power Plants at Mayrhofen.

Not only are they active on HF but they run some very good repeaters, APRS Digi, Echolink (Node# 404786) and packet node. They own the highest placed repeater in Austria but it might even be the highest in Europe (or the world). It's a 70 cm repeater and it's on top of the Hintertuxer Gletcher at a height of 3250 meter above sea level. They're also busy setting up an 6 cm WLAN across the country with links up 70-80 km long for high speed packet, APRS, remote control, ATV and much more. So I'm impressed by the thing they do.

Thanks guys for the nice meeting and the allmost daily usage of your Echolink node.