10 meter open

For the first time in many months there was an opening on the 10 meter band this evening.

I had a little problem getting the half G5RV dipole tuned for this band, so I switched to my Diamond CP-6 vertical. Normally I rather use the dipole because the vertical is very narrow when tuned and needs to be tuned again after turning the dial for more than 30 kc's.

I worked 12 different European countries this evening on 10 meter and had some nice QSO's with John IW6ATQ, Pierre HB9TMS (in FM), Henryk OK2SAI and some more.

When this bands opens, the QSO's are very different from 20 meter or the other bands where a lot of stations are working like "5/9, next". Tonight on 10 there was time enough to exchange some more information and have a real QSO.