stroke Portable stroke QRP

It was a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon with just a little wind and a temperature of 22 °C. So it was time again to go on the air as PD3EM/P/QRP.

This time Peter PD1AJJ and I wanted to do it the easy way: QRV within 5 minutes after arriving!
No dipole and mast today but simply putting the Outback 1899 on the car and the FT-817 in the back of the car.
We parked the cars on a small grass strip next to a local road with not much traffic. The nearest houses are about 1.5 km away to the south and 4 km to the north. QRM is allmost zero, only a light moped driving by once in a while.....

Due to a contest and some special event stations it was hard to get through the pileups with just 5 watt. I made QSO's with K2VV and RM3F, both on 20 meter. I turned over 10 meter and 40 meter but these bands were completely silent...
Two QSO's in the log is not much but it was fun again and that's still what counts.

PD3EM Shack in the backPD3EM Shack in the back PD1AJJ Field ShackPD1AJJ Field Shack