Fieldday Preparation

Today was a nice relaxed day and I decided to do some preparations for the upcoming fieldday-season.

About a month ago I bought two 8.5 meter long fiber-glass masts on a Ham Radio Market. Each mast is build up out of 7 peaces of fiber-glass poles. Earlier I made some calculations on the length of the guy ropes. The masts are guided two times: at about 4.8 meters high and at the top.

I didn't go into the fields to test the masts but stayed in my garden. There was just enough space between the trees and the house for the guy ropes and lifting the mast.
All was easy to setup and all guy ropes were at the right length, distance and angle.
I made a pulley block in the top of the mast. With that it will be very easy to lift a dipole to the top after both masts are raised.
Today I used some small tent pegs for the guy ropes. In the fields I will need a bigger version, so I'm going to make some 30-40 cm long angle steel pegs.