CQ WPX Contest

Last weekend I tried to make some QSO's during the CQ WPX Contest.
There were no sunspots, but the conditions where good enough to put some new DXCC entries in my log.
I made a total of 114 QSO with 96 different prefixes and 42 different countries (20.064 points).
Well, not a bad result with 25 watt and a half G5RV!
A few stations from my log: E21EIC, 9M8Z, ZY7C, 8P5A, PY2YU, OY9JD, ZF1A, PJ2T, VP59V and FM5BH.
Some of the QSO´s were quick and easy but others were though and took some time.
Thank you all for your patience and good ears!
I only didn't get through the huge VK6ANC pile-up sunday evening on 40 meters....