Some Contesting

The last few weeks I participated in two contests: CQ WW DX SSB and Ukrainian DX Contest.

I don't try to win... I do it just for fun for one day or a few hours.
During a contest I use a different computer setup than during normal operation. Normally I use Ham Radio Deluxe for logging. In contest mode I use N1MM Logger. It's the perfect software for contesting!

During the CQ WW DX SSB Contest I made 100 QSO's (claimed score 10336) and during one and a half hour in the Ukrainian DX SSB Contest I made 33 QSO's (claimed score 4400) on 20 meter.

On the left you see my Shack during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest.

I did a small experiment with a webcam and some streaming audio/video software to put a live stream on my website during the contest.
That stream will be available in the next contest here on my website. With that you can hear and see what is happening in my shack.