CEPT Novice Licence

With these pages I want to make it easier to see what is allowed in which country for a CEPT Novice Licence holder.
There is no other website on the internet that has all the information collected at one point. Also the ERO documents are not completely up to date and some information is even wrong!

Click on the allowed/not allowed link below for detailed information:

Country Allowed?
Austria allowed
Belgium allowed
Croatia allowed
Curacao allowed
Czech Republic allowed
Denmark allowed
Faroe Islands allowed
Germany allowed
Greenland allowed
Hungary allowed
Iceland allowed
Liechtenstein allowed
Luxembourg allowed
Netherlands allowed
Netherlands Antilles allowed
Poland allowed
Portugal allowed
Romania allowed
Russia soon
Slovak Republic allowed
Slovenia allowed
Switzerland allowed

All the other countries will follow one by one as soon as I have collected all the information. For some countries I've asked the government and/or IARU Member club for detailed information.

If you have any additional information, please let me know.

Thanks to Thorsten DO4TP and Marek OK9HAG for supplying information about various countries.