Mills on the Air

It is still two months from now but Rob PA3BXR are in the middle of preparing our activity for the Mills on the Air weekend on May 10th.
We will be operating the special event station PA6MK from Windmill "De Blokweerse Wip" which is one of the 19 windmills of the Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk.

In the Alblasserwaard, the area to which Kinderdijk belongs, problems with the water level became more and more apparent from the 13th century. To get the rid of the excess water in the poldes, long canals were duged. These canals are called "weteringen" and you can find them all over Holland. This method remained sufficient for only a few years. The ground level fell yet again because of a structural issue (veen) and the level of the river rose at the same time, soan additional way of keeping the correct level of the water in the polders was required.
It was decided to buid a series of windmills which would pump the water into a reservoir (boezem) until the level of a nearby river has reached a level that pumping the water into that river was possible again.

The "Blokweersche wip" was originally build around 1532. It was set on fire bij the Spanisch troops during the "Eighty Years" War and was rebuild at the beginning of the 17th Century.The last restoration took place in 2001 after the windmill was partly destroyed during a fire in 1997.
Up on today the windmill is operational and is still pumping water from the Blokweersche polder to the Nederwaard Canal.

For more information on the windmills, please visit the Facebook pages of De Blokweerse Wip and the Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk. And don't forget to like those two pages to stay informed!