The last two weeks I traveled across the southern part of Iceland together with Arie PA3DUU.
We enjoyed the beautiful landscapes between Reykjavik and Höfn and we have seen some amazing nature during our trip.
We arrived at a rainy Kevlavik airport and it took some time before we got our Spiderbeam mast from behind the closed the "Odd Luggage" doors. After that we had to hurry to drive to Reykjavik because we wanted to be in time for a great dinner with our TF hamradio friends, arranged by Seli TF3AO. After that we visited the TF3IRA club station.

The next day we drove to our first cottage near Hveragerði. Time to setup the mast and enjoy a little bit of hamradio. We woke up the next morning with 10 cm of fresh snow on the ground so we did some nearby sight seeing. The next day we went to Geysir and Gulgoss, two of the must-see landmarks in the area. One of my hamradio friends, Heimir TF1EIN lives close to our cottage and of course we payed him a visit that evening.

After 3 nights it was time to move to our next location: Kirkjubæjarklaustur. A 250 km drive over roads covered with snow, just on the last 3 km the snow was completely gone. And during our trip the temperatures changes from around 0°C to -16°C and back ..... That's the weather on Iceland: it changes by the minute and kilometer ;-)
We also stayed 3 nights at this cottage and enjoyed the landscape during the daytime. In the late afternoon and the evening we had some fun on the bands again. Only on the second night we had to lower the 12 meter Spiderbeam mast as it was bending in a 90 degrees angle (Yes indeed, the top was horizontal at about 8 meters height) due to the 9 Bft storm....

After Kirkjubæjarklaustur we moved further east to the town of Höfn where we stayed in a small and very good Guesthouse with a great view over the bay and surrounding mountains. The next day we visited the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón and in the afternoon we setup the antenna to do some nice pile-ups (again) on the bands. On Saturday we went out together with Þorri, a local photographer who I should have met on my trip 2 years ago. We had a great time taking photographs on a glacier.
At night we should go out to see and photograph some Aurora if the conditions would allow it. But all the magnetograms and predictions stayed as flat as it could..... so no Aurora again! But we went out and did some great night time photography at The Horn. The photo on front side of our QSL card is taken there at the black beach with a great moon-rise and a lot of stars.

On Sunday our two day drive back to Reykjavik started, with an overnight stay at a Hotel in Vik. Luckily we planned it as a two day trip. A layer of snow and ice on the road shouldn't be a very big problem but when it starts to rain... it gets extremely slippery. 5 km of that kind of road takes a lot more time to drive to Vik ;-)
The next morning we started at the famous wool factory and shop in Vik and after that we payed Jón TF1JI a visit at his summer cottage before we moved on to Reykjavik.

The last evening on Iceland we spent in Reykjavik where we visited Seli TF3AO before a 4 am wake-up call at the hotel because we had to be at the Kevlavik airport on time for our flight back home.

Thanks a lot to all my friends on Iceland that we have met for their great hospitality and the warm welcome they gave us. We have seen and experienced a lot more of Iceland because of you all!