New FSK/CW interface

It has been a while since I posted an article on my website... Way too busy with all kind of things both inside and outside my shack ;-)

I recently started to build a FSK/CW interface for portable and holiday style operations. The interface is build with the kit from Bob W3YY. I made one change as I wanted to see the serial communication on the interface. So I've added three LED's for PTT, CW and FSK.

For RTTY decoding just one-way audio is necessary, but when I change my mind and want to do some other digital modes, I've added two-way electrical isolated audio via two 1:1 600 Ω transformers.

In the mean time, my father has been taking care of the case. He drilled holes in the front plate for the three LED's and a few more in the back plate for all the connectors.

With a couple of days all will be mounted and ready for a first test. Hopefully with some nice weather so I can test it outside in the fields.