Not so quiet.....

It looked like it has been very quiet with my ham radio activities as you checked my website. But it has been a very busy couple of months. Just lack of time for writing updates.....

With two rigs in my shack with different microphones, speakers and a headset I disliked the continuous changing microphones and plugging them in and out. It was time to search for a good piece of equipment that was capable of connecting all together.
After comparing different brands and models it was very clear what it would be: the microHAM KM2R+. Not only it could switch between two microphones and speakers but with the build-in keyer and sound cards it could do all modes in a SO2R environment!
I redesigned the shack a little bit and made a new shelf and put some extra LED lights on the front of the top-shelf.

Well, that was two months ago and in the mean time the conditions on HF went up and I joined some contests with the new setup, not yet as SO2R but single radio. Especially 10 meter was great the last couple of weeks and I logged a bunch of new DXCCs on that band!

With all the QSOs of the past few months my stock of QSL cards had gone and I designed a new one. At the moment it's being printed by UX5UO and will arrive within the next two weeks. That means that for the last 600 QSOs I made a new card will be sent out soon.
As I'm a regional QSL manager for the Dutch QSL Bureau, I'm at the moment busy sorting about 15 kg of QSL cards that will go out to the bureau this Saturday.