For quite some time I'm thinking about the possibilities of HAMnet in The Netherlands. HAMnet is short for Highspeed Amateurradio Multimedia Network.
HAMnet is a data network for Radio Amateurs based on the TCP-IP protocol. You can compare it to a closed internet-like network or a mayor upgrade to the old-style packet network. This network can be used for Echolink, AX25 Packet Radio, Winlink2000, APRS, D-Star, websites and much more.
The first steps of HAMnet were taken in OE-land 5 years ago by members of the ÖVSV. A big step was made in 2009 by Bernhard OE7BKH and Markus OE7FMI with their national IP-plan and routing design with BGP. They made it possible to go beyond a small local or regional network and founded the opportunity to make HAMnet an international network.
I visited Markus and Bernard in the summer of 2009 and that was my first acquaintance with HAMnet.
I will start to do some testing on high speed wireless links. Link speeds of 150 Mbps at a distance of more than 25 kilometer should be possible without a problem.

At the moment I'm looking for other Dutch Radio Amateurs to exchange thoughts and ideas about HAMnet and how this could be established in The Netherlands.
So please get in touch with me (via the contact form or as a comment below) if you have any ideas.