Winlink Status

Winlink 2000 is a worldwide radio messaging system that takes advantage of the Internet where possible. It does this in order to allow the end-user more radio spectrum on the crowded spectrum. Winlink 2000 has an interesting history that may be worth reviewing. Currently, there are more than 15,000 radio users on all the classes of users and approximately 100,000 Internet recipients. Monthly traffic averages over 150,000 messages or 280,000 minutes. Each message has an average duration of approximately 3.4 minutes and each message averages approximately 3,200 bytes. The Pactor 1, 2 and 3 protocols are used on HF, and AX.25 Packet, D-Star and 802.11 are used on VHF/UHF. Growth of the system is dependent on the various classes of users, including normal Amateur use, emergency communications organizations such as the ARRL ARESĀ® and RACES, the UK Cadet forces, the three MARS branches, and others. Most recently there has been an increasing interest in emergency communications, and the Winlink 2000 development team has responded by adding features and functions that make the system more reliable, flexible and redundant. The role of Winlink 2000 in emergency communications is to supplement existing methodologies to add another tool in the toolkit of the volunteer services deploying emergency communications in their communities.

My Winlink 2000 node PD3EM-10 is available 24/7 on 144.850 MHz. A digipeater (PD3EM-12) is also available on the same frequency. All the stations on the map will have both the node and the digipeater running, so a connection to a gateway with direct internet access is always available.

The status for my node is:

Nearby stations status: