CQ WW RTTY Contest

It was 2 years ago I made a QSO in RTTY and the total count of RTTY QSO's in my logbook was just under ten. So I thought it was time to put some new ones into the log.

Last weekend the CQ WW RTTY Contest was on, so chances enough to work some stations. But first I needed to setup my PC and rig to work together in this mode. With DM780, that wouldn't be a problem but for contesting I always use N1MM Logger. Luckily I previously installed MMTTY with the N1MM logging software and the only thing was to get the right "sound" to the rig and on the air. After some testing early Saturday evening everything was working well so I started to listen to different stations how the contest-behavior was and to setup my macro's the right way.

After an hour or so I was ready for the contest myself and replies on the CQ test of TF3PPN on 20 meters: QSO on my first call and in the log within 15 seconds! After the QSO I realized that my rig was still running on my testing power of 5 watts! So I turned it up to the (for me allowed) power of 25 watts and started to turn the dial.

After making some QSO's on 20 I switched to the 40 meter band and made some nice DX. I was really glad that I could log HC8/K6AW on 40m! A new one for me. On Sunday I also worked quite some stations on 20m and 40m and the best DX I worked was VK3TDX on 40 meters! That was not a one call hit but took some more time, so thanks Stephen for your patience and "good ears"!

The final score for the contest was 189 QSO's, 24 zones and 46 DXCC's worked making a total of 49.042 points.
Tonight I did all the QSL-ing and they will go out to the bureau this weekend.