Radio Mail Server

Last week I wrote about the testing I did with the TNC-X and the Paclink software for connecting to a RMS Gateway. Well, that was just part one of the ideas I had.

The final goal was to setup a Radio Mail Server Gateway on VHF which is available 24/7 to EmComm primary and public secondary.
I've hooked up an old laptop with a clean install of windows to the TNC and installed the RMS Packet software. The transceiver is a Condor 4000.

With the RMS Packet software everything is connected to the Winlink 2000 system for the delivering and receiving of email.

In case of a power outage, all the equipment (including my webserver) is connected to the mains via a 3 kVA UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). That will keep everything running for about 2 hours. I still need a generator in case the power outage will last longer....

After a week long testing period my Radio Mail Server Gateway is now fully operational.
If you're in the neighborhood and want to give it a try, the Gateway is listening on 144.850 to the callsign PD3EM-10.