Moxon tested

Recently I made a 10 meter Moxon antenna for Fieldday activities. During our last Fieldday I has been experimenting with some other stuff, so I didn't have any time for the Moxon.

The last couple of days the weather was very nice with almost no wind here in PA-country. So I've setup the Moxon antenna in my garden in front of my house. The picture is taken last night with the moon behind the antenna beaming South. The rope on the right is the "rotor" for turning the antenna by hand.

Compared to the G5RV which I normally use, the Moxon is giving an extra 2 to 4 S-points on the meter! The SWR is also quite nice. On the first 600 kc it's 1:1.2 and 1:1.3 up to 29.500. With a little bit more work and measuring it would be even better.

Today I'm going to do some more tests together with one of my ham-friends Gerrit, F4VOB. I hope the conditions are a little better today, as it was going up and down by the minute last night.