Together with Peter PD1AJJ I organized the local Fieldday for our club last Saturday.
The weather was great: The sun was shining, 26 degrees in the shade and allmost no wind. So I was glad that I took some shade with me into the fields of the Dutch polders.
Next to us the Diary was watching us closely.

About a week ago I bought a Yaesu FT-450 Rig and the Yaesu ATAS-120a antenna. Last Thursday I mounted the antenna on the roof-rail of my car with a Diamond K-515 mount. I used an extra earth cable to get enough grounding for the antenna.

At the Fieldday I had the first opportunity to test my new setup. Everything is working great. No problem at all with the ATAS and I have made some QSO's on 10, 20 and 40 meter.

The Fieldday was very nice and we had a lot of fun. As usual we had a BBQ in the fields in between the QSO's.
From the pictures and video Peter and I shot, I made a compilation which you can see on my YouTube Channel.