Lowlands 5x5 RaDAR Group

We've been thinking about it for some time now: our philosophy on Fieldday activities translated into a name and a logo.

Our goal is to be QRV within 5 minutes after arriving with a QRP power of 5 watts maximum.
With that in mind Peter PD1AJJ came with the 5x5 idea and designed our brand new logo.

As you might have read before on my website we're quite active in the surrounding polders, and not only during the summertime. We've been QRV last december with 5 centimeters of snow and a temperature of 7 degrees below zero.

We will be planning some activities in the near future. We will be QRV as /P/QRP during the IARU Fieldday weekend on June 5, so give us a call when you hear us.
But that will be not the only weekend we're active.

If you want to know more about our Lowlands 5x5 Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio Group please let me know. Or if you want to see or hear us in action, I can keep you informed about our activities via email.