Ham Radio Flea Market

This afternoon I went to a Ham Radio Flea Market in Rosmalen. It's always nice to walk around and check what's for sale. A lot is just crap but also some nice stuff can be found.
I only bought a few coax connectors. Always good to have a few spare ones in the shack.

The ARRL DX Contest last weekend was successful for me. Not that I expect to win anything, but I made 78 QSO's on 20 and 40 meter. The skip was good during that weekend because I could work stations from coast to coast.

Tonight I worked Barry VE1TRI while he was on holiday on the Island of Dominica. The signals were going up and down a little bit but Barry copied me with a 58-59 signal. Not bad for just 25 watt!
Now I've got J79VO is my logbook, a new DXCC for me!

Statistics up until now are 110 DXCC entities worked and 57 confirmed by paper QSL card. In total I've sent almost 1400 QSL cards since I got my license almost two years ago. Up until now I received QSL cards for 281 QSO's so still looking forward to you're QSL!