Midwinter Fieldday

We had ideas for this since the september Fieldday: Doing a small Fieldday in wintertime when it was cold and if possible with snow!
The last week it has been freezing. The last couple of days we had some snow and temperatures stayed below zero also during the daytime. So today was the right time to do it. It was -7 °C, the fields where covered with 5 centimeter of snow and the sun was shining.

Peter PD1AJJ and I went to one of our favorite fieldday locations in the surrounding polders. When we arrived it was quite busy with about 15 hunters. They were just ready with a Brown Hares hunt so we first had a chat with them. After that we both setup our FT-817's and Outback 1899's and made our first QSO's within a few minutes.

I made two transatlantic QSO's with just 3 watt. First with Robert VE3KZ and 15 minutes later with clubstation VE3MIS. They were both in the Canadian Winter Contest.

Due to the cold the 7Ah battery couldn't give enough power to allow the FT-817 to put the full 5 watts QRP power into the antenna. The maximum output power was just 3 watt. But that is what all the fun is about: making a QSO with a station 6000 km away with less power than a bicycle light uses!!

After a while the sun was covered with clouds and more wind came up. The windchill dropped and we decided to come back another time. No more /P/QRP/Cold for today ;-)

You can see more pictures in Peter's Midwinter Fieldday photo album.