The first weekend of September is on the calendar as IARU Region 1 SSB Fieldday. That's why I drove to a nearby field location with a few members of our club PI4VAD.
It was not our intention to participate as a fieldday contest station. We go out for fun and the eyeball QSO's.
This time I was QRV within a few minutes after arriving with my Yaesu FT-817 QRP rig and Outback 1899 vertical. Maybe next time I'll put up my masts and windom antenna. That next time can be the upcoming "Snowball Fieldday". Peter PD1AJJ ans I have some ideas for organizing a cold-winter-fieldday.
On the bands were a lot of stations working in the All Asia DX Contest. I hope that contest will be in another weekend next year.

I've heard him numerous times calling to the same stations as I was on HF but we never met and we never made a QSO. But today Arie PD0ARI dropped us a visit on the Fieldday location. It's always very nice to meet the hams you hear and shake hands for a Eyeball QSO.