Strange sounds

The last couple of days the conditions were quite nice on both 20m en 10m. Last night I heard some VK's and ZL's on 20 meter and this morning the first KH6's.

I made some nice QSO's on 10 meter the last couple of evenings. Today was the first day that the band was also open during the day. There was quite some slow QSB at some moments but I worked some new DXCC entities on 10 meter. I made nice Q's with F5IHP, I3CGV, G4HZW, EA4EUI, F/PH1MRF, F6IRG, UR5KDX and some more.

During the QSO with Bert F5IHP a strange sound was coming up on the band this morning. Bert thought it was some local QRM/QRN but I heard the same sound moving over the 10 meter band. So nothing local but it could be heard across Europe.

A little later (around 8:45 UTC) I made a recording of that sound with my webcam. When you strart the video on the left you can hear it and see it moving up the band. A little later I heard the same thing again starting at around 28.490.

If you have any idea what this is, please leave a comment.

New QSL card

After little more than a year all the QSL cards that I had have been sent out. So it was time to make a new QSL card.

The design is more or less the same as the previous QSL card. Off course I have used other photo's for the front and the back. I've changed the design on the back a bit with the experience from one year of QSL-ing.

The new front side of the QSL card is shown to the left.
If you want to know what the other side looks like... Well, find me on the bands and we can make a QSO. After that I'll sent you one of my new cards.

As always, I let Max ON5UR print my QSL cards because he makes very high quality full color cards.
Check his website for more information.

Visit OE7XWI Clubstation

Last Sunday I met two very nice hams, Markus OE7FMI and Bernhard OE7BKH when I visited the OE7XWI Clubstation.
I went on a short holiday in the Austrian Zillertal and I wanted to do some more despite the mountain-hiking.
OE7XWI is the Zillertal department of the Austrian Amateur Radio Society ÖVSV.
They have a very nice clubhouse near one of the Power Plants at Mayrhofen.

Not only are they active on HF but they run some very good repeaters, APRS Digi, Echolink (Node# 404786) and packet node. They own the highest placed repeater in Austria but it might even be the highest in Europe (or the world). It's a 70 cm repeater and it's on top of the Hintertuxer Gletcher at a height of 3250 meter above sea level. They're also busy setting up an 6 cm WLAN across the country with links up 70-80 km long for high speed packet, APRS, remote control, ATV and much more. So I'm impressed by the thing they do.

Thanks guys for the nice meeting and the allmost daily usage of your Echolink node.

10 meter open

For the first time in many months there was an opening on the 10 meter band this evening.

I had a little problem getting the half G5RV dipole tuned for this band, so I switched to my Diamond CP-6 vertical. Normally I rather use the dipole because the vertical is very narrow when tuned and needs to be tuned again after turning the dial for more than 30 kc's.

I worked 12 different European countries this evening on 10 meter and had some nice QSO's with John IW6ATQ, Pierre HB9TMS (in FM), Henryk OK2SAI and some more.

stroke Portable stroke QRP

It was a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon with just a little wind and a temperature of 22 °C. So it was time again to go on the air as PD3EM/P/QRP.

This time Peter PD1AJJ and I wanted to do it the easy way: QRV within 5 minutes after arriving!
No dipole and mast today but simply putting the Outback 1899 on the car and the FT-817 in the back of the car.

The first "Fieldday"

Last weekend we went into the field for our first /p operation.
It was a nice Saturday afternoon and I went together with Tjakko PA2TA and Peter PD1AJJ to a field very close to my home.

Peter took his Yaesu FT-817 and 12AVQ vertical and was QRV within a few minutes. He made the first QSO with one call immediately after switching on the rig.
He also had a very nice QSO with a Dutch guy living in SM-land.

Fieldday Preparation

Today was a nice relaxed day and I decided to do some preparations for the upcoming fieldday-season.

About a month ago I bought two 8.5 meter long fiber-glass masts on a Ham Radio Market. Each mast is build up out of 7 peaces of fiber-glass poles. Earlier I made some calculations on the length of the guy ropes. The masts are guided two times: at about 4.8 meters high and at the top.

I didn't go into the fields to test the masts but stayed in my garden. There was just enough space between the trees and the house for the guy ropes and lifting the mast.
All was easy to setup and all guy ropes were at the right length, distance and angle.
I made a pulley block in the top of the mast. With that it will be very easy to lift a dipole to the top after both masts are raised.
Today I used some small tent pegs for the guy ropes. In the fields I will need a bigger version, so I'm going to make some 30-40 cm long angle steel pegs.

K5D presentation

Last Friday at our local radio club we had the luck to be the first Europeans to see and hear the presentation about the K5D DXpedition to Desecheo Island.
Mike N6MZ was one of the team members on Desecheo Island last february.
He arrived in Europe last friday and came allmost straight away to our club to tell us about his experience with his last DXpedition.

Mike told the complete story, starting with all the preparations, the problems with the helicopters and the boats for getting all the gear on the island, about how much more load a generator can handle and much more.

All together, it was a great presentation and before and after there was time enough for Mike to have some nice eyeball-Q's with all the visitors.

CQ WPX Contest

Last weekend I tried to make some QSO's during the CQ WPX Contest.
There were no sunspots, but the conditions where good enough to put some new DXCC entries in my log.
I made a total of 114 QSO with 96 different prefixes and 42 different countries (20.064 points).
Well, not a bad result with 25 watt and a half G5RV!
A few stations from my log: E21EIC, 9M8Z, ZY7C, 8P5A, PY2YU, OY9JD, ZF1A, PJ2T, VP59V and FM5BH.
Some of the QSO´s were quick and easy but others were though and took some time.
Thank you all for your patience and good ears!

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