Winlink operational

Just before my summer holiday I received my TNC-X packet modem from Coastal Chipworks. Previously I made the cable for my Yaesu FT-817 but up until yesterday I didn't had the time for making the data cable for connecting my FT-7800.
So after plugging the cables in I had to struggle with a few com-ports on my PC. Only four serial cables connected but windows keeps saying that the first 13 com-ports are in use!
Windows is still unbelievable strange......

After installing Paclink and overriding the windows settings on the com-ports everything is working now. So today I made my first contact with a RMS packet gateway on UHF. Nice to be able to sent and receive email over the air, even if the local internet should fail.

Direct QSL cards

The last couple of days I received a few direct QSL cards in return to mine. Thanks to Mark KB2MS and Buzz NI5DX for their quick response (within 8 days)!

Mark return me the QSL card of Edwin HI3K for the SSB QSO I made with him on 10 meter with just 25 watt.

I appreciate the way Buzz is doing his job as QSL manager. With the QSL card (for my QSO with Khalid A61BK) there was a small note (click on the image to enlarge it) that stated that he donates the money he has left at the end of a year to one of the DXpeditions.
Thats the way to do it! Keep up your good work Buzz!

Lowlands 5x5 RaDAR

Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio is an international concept of Radio Amateurs being able to operate anywhere under all circumstances.

The goal is to setup an Amateur Radio station quickly on remote sites anywhere using only battery power. And anywhere means not only sites reachable by car but also on locations after a few miles walk. The 5x5 concept means that we're being able to be communicate by Amateur Radio within 5 minutes after arriving with the QRP power of 5 watts maximum.

The Lowlands 5x5 RaDAR Group is not a club with payed membership. It's the concept that brings these Dutch Radio Amateurs together.
Check out the video we made about one of the activities.

If you want to know more about the Lowlands 5x5 RaDAR Group, please let me know via the contact form.

5x5 RaDAR activity

We had planned it more than a week ago when the weather forecast was still uncertain: A Lowlands 5x5 RaDAR activity. But last sunday the weather was great for outdoor activities. The sun was shining and the temperature was 28 degrees Celsius.

At 13:00 LT sharp Peter PD1AJJ and I arrived at the Fieldday location and we were both QRV within 5 minutes after arriving, one of the goals of the Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio.

A few came by to take a look at our activity. At the same location there's a cache called "CQ Fieldday" hidden but unfortunately no geocachers tried to find it that Sunday afternoon.

I will publish a video about this activity later this week on YouTube.

Moxon tested

Recently I made a 10 meter Moxon antenna for Fieldday activities. During our last Fieldday I has been experimenting with some other stuff, so I didn't have any time for the Moxon.

The last couple of days the weather was very nice with almost no wind here in PA-country. So I've setup the Moxon antenna in my garden in front of my house. The picture is taken last night with the moon behind the antenna beaming South. The rope on the right is the "rotor" for turning the antenna by hand.

Compared to the G5RV which I normally use, the Moxon is giving an extra 2 to 4 S-points on the meter! The SWR is also quite nice. On the first 600 kc it's 1:1.2 and 1:1.3 up to 29.500. With a little bit more work and measuring it would be even better.

Today I'm going to do some more tests together with one of my ham-friends Gerrit, F4VOB. I hope the conditions are a little better today, as it was going up and down by the minute last night.


Together with Peter PD1AJJ I organized the local Fieldday for our club last Saturday.
The weather was great: The sun was shining, 26 degrees in the shade and allmost no wind. So I was glad that I took some shade with me into the fields of the Dutch polders.
Next to us the Diary was watching us closely.

About a week ago I bought a Yaesu FT-450 Rig and the Yaesu ATAS-120a antenna. Last Thursday I mounted the antenna on the roof-rail of my car with a Diamond K-515 mount. I used an extra earth cable to get enough grounding for the antenna.

At the Fieldday I had the first opportunity to test my new setup. Everything is working great. No problem at all with the ATAS and I have made some QSO's on 10, 20 and 40 meter.

The Fieldday was very nice and we had a lot of fun. As usual we had a BBQ in the fields in between the QSO's.
From the pictures and video Peter and I shot, I made a compilation which you can see on my YouTube Channel.

Lowlands 5x5 RaDAR Group

We've been thinking about it for some time now: our philosophy on Fieldday activities translated into a name and a logo.

Our goal is to be QRV within 5 minutes after arriving with a QRP power of 5 watts maximum.
With that in mind Peter PD1AJJ came with the 5x5 idea and designed our brand new logo.

As you might have read before on my website we're quite active in the surrounding polders, and not only during the summertime. We've been QRV last december with 5 centimeters of snow and a temperature of 7 degrees below zero.

We will be planning some activities in the near future. We will be QRV as /P/QRP during the IARU Fieldday weekend on June 5, so give us a call when you hear us.
But that will be not the only weekend we're active.

If you want to know more about our Lowlands 5x5 Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio Group please let me know. Or if you want to see or hear us in action, I can keep you informed about our activities via email.

Some new sunspots

After a period of almost two weeks without any sunspot the sun has shown 12 new sunspots today.
Let's hope the conditions will move to a higher level in the next couple of days. There were a few openings on 10 and 20 meter the last couple of days and I made a few nice QSO's.

Three days ago I worked Vinod VU2VID on 20 and just about half an hou ago I had a nice chat with Mohammed A41NN, also on 20 meter.

Both these QSO's are new countries in my log, so I'm looking forward to the QSL cards.

New Fieldday video

Last weekend Peter PD1AJJ and I went out to the fields for the first time this year.
The sun was shining so it was time to do some Fieldday QSO's. We both have a Yaesu FT-817 and Outback 1899 Antenna for our outside activities in the Dutch polders. We always try to be QRV within 5 minutes..... The Lowlands RaDAR method, or Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio from the Netherlands.
I've made a small video about last Sunday. You can watch it on YouTube.

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